The Best Weekly Routine To Control Curly Hair

Author: Belinda O'Flynn   Date Posted:14 May 2018 

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Curl Hair routine Curly hair can be dry, knotty and tangled or it can be soft, lovely and bouncy. Your products and weekly routine play a huge part in which you get.

You might think you don’t want to add yet another routine to your week, especially just for hair…but actually even if you are not aware of it, you already have one!

Everyone washes and brushes their hair (well some days I don’t manage the brushing) so why not choose a routine that works well instead of one you just fell into.

Curly hair can be dry, knotty and tangled or it can be soft, lovely and bouncy. Your products and weekly routine play a huge part in which you get.

Here is what I have found works well for me and many others to tame those curls.

When it comes to washing, less is definitely a good plan…

Washing too often will dry the hair and leave it prone to tangles and breakage. Two to three times a week should be your max but don’t worry, if you have a mucky pup there are other options for in between washes. Our conditioning cleanser will open up the cuticles to wash away dirt and excess oil from the scalp. This will leave their curls light and clean but without stripping or drying the hair.

Product - Conditioning Cleanser
Instructions… apply it to the scalp only and rub with fingertips to scrub away dirt. As you rinse this will wash the lower hair.
Rinse thoroughly and move to step 2.


After opening the cuticles to wash, conditioning is essential. For curly hair a good conditioner is your best friend, but finding one that doesn’t weigh the hair down can be tricky.

Our conditioning rinse closes the hair cuticles to avoid tangles and rehydrates to leave hair soft and light.

Product - Moisturising Rinse
Instructions… apply to the length of the hair but avoid the scalp.
Leave on as long as possible to work it’s magic.
Applying to the scalp is a common mistake and can be why hair can look heavy and greasy not long after washing, leading to over-washing and knots - a vicious circle right?


Between washes:

Our hydrating mousse is a really useful one. It can be used daily to help style and control the hair.

For those mucky pups I mentioned or in sweaty hot weather it can be used after a bath each night to replace lost moisture and keep curls sleek. No need to wash before this just rinse through with water then apply to towel dried hair.

If you are thinking they can’t be clean without a cleanser just remember this…Oil needs soap or a cleanser but sweat and dirt can easily be removed with just water. Trust me and try it.

Product - Hydrating Mousse
Instructions ... rinse hair with water, give a gentle rub to the scalp then apply mousse to towel-dried hair and brush through.

A preventative for when little extra is needed…the above routine will work really well to give you control over that daily brushing but sometimes the hair takes a real battering and needs something extra.

The beach, swimming or even a splash park can be a little testing on those curls!
Our Conditioning Oil can be applied to hair before the above event, this hydrates and most importantly seals the hair to keep it free of chemical or salt water that will damage it.

We suggest to keep it with your sun cream, it’s a second essential!

Product - Conditioning Oil
Instructions ... add oil to a spray bottle with water and just spray on the hair.

I hope this gives you a simple, easy to follow routine and helps tame those gorgeous curls!

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