How to Sleep with Curls

Author: Belinda O'Flynn  

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How to Sleep with Curls Tried and test ways to sleep with curls to reduce knots and keep curl definition.

How do you sleep with curls to make sure you don't get knots and maintain curl definition?

We have a few proven techniques to help.

Pineapple or Multi Pineapple:

Flip your head forward and loosely tie your curls with a scrunchie at the front and top of your head. This helps stop your curls from being flattened while you sleep. If you have short hair, multiple pineapples may work for you. Section your curls into two to three parts and loosely tie curls with a scrunchy.

Braids or mini Braids:

Plaits or braids are great to help with drying wet curls, stretching tight curls or giving tighter curls for those with waves. You can do one or multi braids or plaits.

Two Strand Twist:

Part the hair into two sections. Take one section and part that into two parts, then twist the two sections around each other from the scalp to the ends and tie off. 

You can also use a bonnet, satin pillowcase or Tshirt to also help with your curly bedtime routine.

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