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  Date Posted: 28 May 2018

Being ready for school on time can be a real stress for everyone but when your kids wake up looking like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards, the workload is doubled! What do they do overnight, parties while you are not looking??

  Date Posted: 21 May 2018

We all know our bodies need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy but did you know that they reach your hair last?

  Date Posted: 14 May 2018

Curly hair can be dry, knotty and tangled or it can be soft, lovely and bouncy. Your products and weekly routine play a huge part in which you get.


Caring for our children's hair is different from caring for adult hair. While the growth cycle may be the same, it is important to ensure that the onset of hair growth is not disrupted with harsh hair care products.


When looking for the right product and ingredients for your child's curly hair care routine, It is important to remember that the focus of a good hair care routine starts at the scalp. Hair growth begins inside the follicle under the skin surface. The hai



Tried and test ways to sleep with curls to reduce knots and keep curl definition.

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